The Bangalore-based housing finance company Aadhar Housing Finance IPO will open its initial public offerings (IPO) on Wednesday, May 8. The company’s IPO will stay open until May 10, 2024, for investors to bid. This issue has both fresh issues and an offer-for-sale, or OFS, of shares. Around half of this issue is reserved for the Qualified Institutional Buyer or QIB class. Thirty-five per cent of the issue is allocated to retail investors. Lastly, 15 percent of the non-institutional investors or NIIs have been earmarked. 

Aadhar Housing Finance will use the proceeds from this IPO to meet all its capital requirements. It will also be used for general corporate purposes. Find out all the details about the IPO, including dates, price bands, company financials, GMP, and more.  

Overview of Aadhar Housing Finance Company 

Aadhar Housing Finance IPO GMP Price Today

Aadhar Housing Finance is a Bangalore-based housing finance firm. It mainly caters to lower-income people. The company’s clientele consists of residents in tier 4 and tier 5 cities across India. It provides a range of mortgage loan products for residential and commercial property purchase and construction. Its loans are also for home improvement and extension purposes.  

On September 30, 2023, Aadhar Housing Finance had a network of 471 branches and 91 sales offices. They were distributed across 20 states and union territories in India. 

Details of the Aadhaar HSG Fin IPO for The Public 

The promoter of the company is BCP Topco VII Pte. Limited. Here are the IPO’s key details for the public. 

Key Details of The Offer for Sale Aadhar Housing Finance IPO

The major details regarding the offer of the company that is for sale are as follows: 

Face Value, Price Band, & Total Issue Size of The IPO 

In this table, we give you details about the Aadhaar HSG Fin IPO’s face value, price band, and total issue size.  

Aadhar Housing Finance IPO: Important Dates  

All the important dates regarding this IPO are mentioned below. Mark them in your calendar so you don’t miss any events.  

Minimum And Maximum Investment Details Of Aadhaar hsg Fin IPO

Retail investors can bid a minimum of 47 shares. Likewise, business owners and corporate executives can bid a minimum of 658 shares. Find more about these limits below.  

Major Objectives of Issuing the Aadhar Housing Finance IPO 

Through this IPO, the company hopes to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Fund its working capital needs for onward lending 
  2. General corporate purposes. 

Financial Information of Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

The financial performance of the housing finance company has been impressive. Its net profits and net interest income has seen a jump from 2023 to 2024. This table gives a detailed overview of the company’s financial performance.  

Before applying for IPO, you should know about the financial information of the company.

Key Performance Indicators of the Company  

Understanding KPIs is essential to making a sound investment decision. Here are the major KPIs of Aadhar Housing Finance:.  

Aadhar Housing Finance GMP Today 

The last updated GMP of the Aadhar Housing Finance IPO is ₹65. The estimated listing price of Aadhar HFC IPO is Rs. 385. This price combines the cap price and today’s GMP. The expected percentage gain or loss for each share is 22.22%. This table shows the Aadhar HFC IPO’s GMP trend of the previous days. 

Latest update on Aadhar Housing Finance GMP Today:-

Aadhar Housing Finance IPO Review: Why Should You Invest? 

The retail-focused housing finance company primarily serves people in the low-income housing domains. These comprise economically weaker sections and those in the low-to-middle-income categories. It is why according to us, Aadhaar Hsg Fin IPO is best for investors who can take high risks. Although the company has witnessed consistent growth in its top and bottom lines, its greater reliance on borrowing needs investors to follow a cautious approach.  

Aadhar Housing Finance depends on the right information from borrowers and third-party providers. If it gets any false or deceptive information from them, it can greatly impact the assessment of creditworthiness. It can also affect the value of collateral and, consequently, have a negative impact on the business. 


Now you have all the major details about the Aadhar Housing Finance IPO GMP, & date. The issue seems to be priced reasonably but still we insist that you follow a cautious approach. If you can tolerate high risk for medium-term rewards then applying for this IPO will be a good idea. 

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